The following are links to organisations who work alongside us or are useful resources. Please feel free to contact us if you know of an organisation or resource which is not listed.



ITANZ   (Intersex Awareness New Zealand) is a registered charitable trust and provides information, education and training for organisations and professionals who offer services to intersex people and their families.

RainbowYOUTH provides support, information, advocacy for young queer and gender diverse people up to the ages of 28, as well as support to whanau of queer and trans* youth as well as their schools and others who work with them.

The I'm Local Project aims to help queer and gender diverse youth all over Aotearoa to feel valued, recognised and supported in their local communities.

OUTline NZ  provide support resources and counselling to the LGBTQI community.

Common Ground helps support young people to manage hard times and enjoy happier lives.

Gender Neutral  makes gender neutral signs to make bathrooms more accessible to the gender diverse community.

Inside Out  works to make Aotearoa a safer place for young people of minority genders and sexualities.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a cross-cultural led organisation assisting transgender, intersex and takataapui people in having choices about their lives and bodies and access the resources.

Ti Whanawhana  is a Takataapui community group based in Wellington that welcomes people of diverse sexualities and gender identities



InterACT are raising intersex visibility, empowering young intersex advocates and promoting laws and policies that protect intersex youth.

Pidgeon Pagonis is an intersex activist, artist and consultant.



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